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Style Avia shall be happy to represent the interests of an airline or a tour operator in Ukraine.


We have gained enough experience to initiate any process involving any airport service or authority since we know and understand the procedure “from inside”, and as your representative we can:


  • Develop operations strategies for the specific markets;
  • Perform comprehensive air transportation market analysis (competitor analysis, brand ranking);
  • Develop an action plan to represent and position the company’s brand;
  • Develop an action plan to increase the sales and marketing effectiveness;
  • Develop the company’s budget, provide forecast of financial results and develop an investment plan for the specific routes;
  • Develop an action plan to widen cooperation with other air carriers (interline, SPA, code-share);
  • Arrange, manage and control the sales agent network (award contracts, develop sales incentive schemes, assist with relevant financial procedures);
  • Arrange for one-time charter flights and charter programs, and consolidate tour operators’ activities related to the purchase of blocks of seats from airlines;
  • Find potential partners and assist during negotiations with aircraft servicing and maintenance companies as well as with airports (issues related to handling, catering, fueling, check-in and boarding registration), arrange for accommodation for flight crews during their tours of duties, arrange for meetings and negotiations, group transfers etc.;
  • Provide supervision services at all airports across Ukraine;
  • Provide a vide range of commercial services which include arrangement for a city office, ticketing, help desk services, marketing, monitoring and analysis of fares and booking classes, of the demand for group transportation and purchase of blocks of seats by tour operators, analysis and advice on the product price formation;
  • Assist with joining the BSP system, provide financial support for the conversion, transfer and distribution of the proceeds from sales;
  • Provide control over the group transportation arrangements;
  • Issue and verify the incentive amounts for agencies;
  • Check FIM vouchers, arrange for air transport documents, MCO;
  • Develop marketing strategies and promotional campaigns;
  • Provide support and represent interests in liaising with Ukraine’s State Aviation Service and Ministry of Infrastructure;
  • Provide administrative and legal support, and handle exchange of correspondence with Ukrainian companies and relevant authorities.





Style Avia is a team of aviation industry professionals each having more than 5 years’ experience in executive positions which adds to better understanding of the air transportation market, helps estimate the regional sales share and demand available on the specific routes, analyze the potential of the competitors and of Ukrainian travel agencies and leads to the sales increase.


We have established long-term relations with the Aviation Authorities, airports, travel agencies, tour operators, industry related enterprises and corporate sector so we can arrange for the interaction between all the authorities and companies in the fastest and most effective way.


We are ready to become your General Sales Agent, facilitate you access the Ukrainian air transportation market and help you get the best possible results!



Please send your questions and suggestions via the feedback form in the Contact section on the site.