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Development trends

The right business strategy and line of activity are very essential for the effective and efficient operations of any aviation or travel company. An airline or a travel agency has to think of an effective destination and target market to raise the passenger and tourist flow. What steps are to be taken to make the right choice? The question is logical and we shall be happy to share our relevant experience and elaborate for you the proper business development plan from scratch, yet here we would like to discuss some basic elements which a company has to think of for the successful development of the existing air routes or travel destinations.

For us the route development means reaching positive results from the commercial and marketing strategy used by an airline or a travel agency to ensure further profit growth and strategic goals achievement.


Any project related to a particular destination entails prior development of the specific tasks enabling us to see the general picture and set the priorities.


So it is essential and vital to:

  • Identify and work out a personalized program to control the implementation process and ensure the optimal utilization of the development tools being applied to the new and existing routes (define passenger/traveler category, market paying capacity and progression, company strategic goals, etc.).
  • Define the possibility of increasing/decreasing frequencies on the existing routes.
  • Analyze the fleet performance and cost efficiency, services offered by airports and handling companies to work out the best possible route development solutions.
  • Estimate the marketing and promotional plan costs within the route development project along with the route servicing costs (labour costs, current and other costs related to aircraft maintenance, airport service fees, etc.).
  • Identify the anticipated outcome of the route network expansion strategy on the basis of the data mentioned above.


This list encompasses only basic tasks to be met when elaborating the development strategy for a new or existing route or destination. Yet, every single case requires specific treatment unveiling own pitfalls which necessitates customized approach and sets aside uniform solutions. 


Style Avia employs a tailor-made method with respect to every customer, partner and assignment. We go beyond established limits and patterns. Our goal is to share our knowledge and creativity reaching towards success and gaining unique experience!


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