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Corporate Services

Style Avia offers comprehensive solutions to airlines and tour operators in the spheres of representing interests in Ukrainian market, development and promotion of a new and existing brand, commercial and
financial consulting.


We are ready to deliver various services related to the optimization and development of aviation and tourism business, interest representation and administration, business operations and financial analysis. 


We are open for cooperation with any company either a newly established or an existing one that successfully operates in the tourism or air transportation market. Our mission entails assistance with cost optimization or improvement of the customer’s profitability and economic efficiency.




  • Aviation consulting – consulting services for airlines and travel agencies which include commercial and financial outsourcing (analysis and estimation of economic efficiency in the services market, budgeting, collection and analysis of statistical data, development and implementation of marketing plan, preparation and collection of documents required for various agreements)
  • GSA services – a whole range of services related to the establishment and functioning of a representative office in Ukraine in the spheres of tourism and aviation (development of business strategy, business plan, budget estimation, commercial and financial support, guidance and assistance with certification and other legal aspects, creation and further control over the agents’ network activities, airport-based services etc.)
  • Charter flights – one-time or charter flight programs serving any destination around the globe, charter flight programs consolidation, corporate charters and business jet charters


Even though our company is based in Kyiv we can arrange for any of the above services at any major airport and in any region across Ukraine.




  • successful task completion and liability for its fulfillment
  • ensuring the best economic effect a company can have from its operations in the market
  • reaching high economic performance and business outcome employing relevant professional skills and knowledge


Style Avia is focused on rendering tailor-made services that fit every customer need thus providing its customers and partners with a medium necessary for the successful realization of their strategies and reaching strategic objectives.