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About Us

Style Avia is dedicated to providing a wide range of development, promotion and consulting services, the company also deals with representing interests of airlines, travel agencies and tour operators across Ukraine. We consult airlines and travel agencies, act as general sales agent, advise on economic and commercial issues, arrange charter flights, sell air tickets, form travel packages for individuals and corporations.




  • representation of the company’s interests in Ukrainian market – setting up the office to serve the travelers or office for the company’s business activities, airport based services, administrative support in liaising with public authorities, marketing and advertising services
  • economic consulting – business plan elaboration and calculations based on actual and expected figures and data, cost and business process analysis and optimization
  • commercial consulting – market analysis and forecasts per given route, company’s operations analysis and optimization for better economic performance 
  • charter flights for corporations and individuals as well as charter flights consolidation
  • organization and compiling of travel packages for individuals and corporate clients
  • air tickets sales
  • PR, promotion, IT solutions




We do and we are able:

  • to reach the desired result  
  • to guide the Customer with estimating the best economic effect the Customer can have from its operations in the market
  • to ensure high economic performance and business outcome at high professional level in full administrative cooperation with our Customer


The company is based in Kyiv and has representatives in main Ukrainian airports and regions (Kyiv (Zhulyany Airport), Kyiv (Boryspil Airport), Odesa, Lviv).


Style Avia employs a tailor-made approach thus creating for its customers a competitive environment for the realization of their strategies to ensure sustainable growth, profitability and economic efficiency as well as to reach strategic objectives and build a recognizable brand.


Our business contacts along with great possibilities and potential help us do our job effectively and with maximum result so we look forward to new fruitful cooperation!


We are the team of highly skilled experts having many years of unique experience and all necessary expertise for the qualified and effective work in the sphere of tourism and aviation.


It would be an honor for us to support you in your business expansion efforts and share our unique experience. For more detailed information about Style Avia and our services, please call us on +38 (044) 249 94 33 or e-mail to


We wish you success in business!